geocoding challenge So, I keep finding great...


geocoding challenge

So, I keep finding great use cases for appsheet.

My latest is a homeowners community audit app that allows quick code compliance reporting.

Currently the user just moves the map pin to a location to capture LatLong, but they then need to type in house addresses to identify the homeowners property.

Anybody found a slick way to translate LatLong into house addresses?

Google map api supports this, but I can’t find a way to do this in appsheet.

Trying to simplify the address entry and reduce errors.

Any ideas?


@Aleksi_Alkio - any ideas how to make address entry faster ?

Just seems wasteful to have the user enter number/street/city when I can capture the geocode.

Just don’t have a way to translate into the closest house address.

Maybe I just have to accept “that’s that way it is” for now :slight_smile: