Geode real-time GPS with appsheet/android?

Can anybody confirm that this would be usable:


We do not support input from peripherals such as this currently, however we can ingest GPS from a user device such as cell phone or tablet. That GPS data is not captured in real-time, but rather only when a user performs an action in-app which captures their GPS data.


So we can only use the built-in gps? No way to have the phone use a different GPS?

I believe this is how the work normally. They also sell android tablets that work with this.



Ok, I did some testing and the gps from my phone is waaay off. It’s actually unusable. Not sure if it’s because of the phone (Android note 20). Did you know some success stories using this?

We have a row of trees planted 6 feet apart. I scan a QR Code on each trees and set up an action to retrieve the geolocation data and update. It’s giving me almost random results (more or less 500m error).

We are outside, so I would guess this should not be a problem