Get App Information via API?

I see all the API documentation on getting into Apps with APIs but I don’t see anything about connecting to Appsheet. I want to get all App IDs, names, descriptions, etc from an API call automatically. Am I out of luck?

you simply create one table storing the app id or whatever information you want and do GET api call to retrieve data from this table.

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This would be really useful. I have an app with all my clients and their AppIds, AppName, etc. It would be awesome to automate entering new clients.

I think I might have been misunderstood by @tsuji_koichi. I want to automatically pull this information out of Appsheet for all users on our Team to put into our AppLauncher/AppManager. I want to be able to have a call come in that will automatically grab our list of apps and update any changes to the short/long description back to my database, maybe even version and stable version, a last update timestamp, etc. Want to visualize our Appsheet system with an Appsheet app. We have something like 15-20 apps being used and about 50 apps in our list. We have 4 developers and want to be able to keep track of lots of this stuff automatically. Seems weird that Appsheet so easily integrates apps with other things but doesn’t have much (if any) in the way of integrating to their information.

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I think you have to go to Feature request. For the time being, there is no mechanism on Appsheet API to get the meta data of the apps, unless you hard code those into table as I suggested, but it should not be your cup of tea.


Changed it over. And will definitely be privately pushing for this any chance we get as a team as a feature we would love. Although if its not something in the background works it will definitely take them some serious time to get something up.

My Account>App Info

Select the text from the table and copy/paste into GSheets.

The Public Name and App Name columns are hyperlinks, so you could extract the URLs from there using LINKURL().

There’s no AppId though (the longer UUID string).

We have RPA as another technology we use for other things so I’m gonna brute force my way to the results I need for now :smiling_imp: but I shouldn’t have to with a software that is integrating to other sources so easily.