Get autoincremental in postgres

Hello everyone, I am using a postgres database, I would like to know if for my tables I can make an autoincremental column from postgres, or should I always use the uniqueid () ?.


You can use both… internal autoincremental column for Database and UNIQUEID() for the App. You need to do this because you can’t leave the key column’s value as blank.

I understand, I mean that to work from appsheet I must always use the [ID] column (uniqueid ()) ?.
Do you know how to do an autoincremental in postgres?
And you know what kind of fields should I use in my database in postgres? I don’t know if the columns should be formatted in postgres and then in my appsheet.

thanks you very much

Well… the UNIQUEID() is best option. Though it depends what kind of table/column structure you have. Unfortunately I’m not PostgreSQL expert. Maybe other people from this community might know this database better.

Thank you very much.
I have heard that when we use sql databases, such as postgres, mysql, …, the type of column format in this database is varchart, if this is true? In terms of consumption and performance, what would be the best?

regardless of the database

If I have understood this correctly, yes varchar is the correct field type.

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