Get data from other form record

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i just started a new app, where in i have 2 tables
Table -1 : General
Table -2 : Civil

both the tables got some same columns. both the tables are required to have same Unique Id. Since the Table 2 is extension of Table -1.
when we enter the data in Table- 1 & save. it has to create a new record in Table -2 with some columns data from Table -1 record created.
by using the data , the user enters further data in newly created Record in Table -2.

i tried to use array formula Google sheet , but it is not behaving correctly.

Any easy method to link & create new record in Table -2.

Thanks for your Help in advance.

Hi @Raju_Tadepally. Do you really need to have this as two separate tables? If you combine them into a single table, you can use slices to split it into two parts in your app. This will save you a lot of effort maintaining your app, and will help you avoid complex workarounds to keep the two tables in sync.

If you actually need to have two tables, you could use an “Data: add a new row to another table by using values from this row” to add a row. You could make it trigger automatically either via a workflow rule or a form saved event.

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dear @tony , Thank you for the guidance.

yes , i need to use different tables & the data entered in one form need to be used partially in another form.
i could link the forms & get the data after pressing the action button. But the updation is not happening automatically after i press the save in the first form.
can you guide me how to make it automatic like press the save , it updates other form / forms linked using the actions.

Now i created 4 forms & some data from form 1 need to be used in other forms. for this , i created 3 actions.
i want these actions to be executed when i enter the data in form 1 & press save.

i couldnt get idea on this method.

Thank you for the help.