Get full row of data based on value from a list

I have a list of compared data in a virtual column ( Missing Checkpoints ) that produces a list of IDs.
What i wish the user could see is the rows themselves that the IDs belong to.
Any suggestions?

Create that virtual column as a List type and then you can control how that inline view is displayed with the Ref view’s definition.

Sorry for the confusion, it is created as a list.
I then have a second virtual column that looks up the missing checkpoint in another table to give the checkpoint name.
That works great as long as i have only one ID, it doesn’t work when i lookup when i have several IDs.

here is the formula:

It doesn’t work because the LOOKUP will find only one value and it picks up the first one.

So… are you tring to read Missing Checkpoints from another table (column “Name”)?

Thanks @Aleksi, i figured up my mistake and now it works great, i went with a select() and it works great

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You’re welcome