Get Gmail sent email link


i have a workflow that sends an email with an attachment, using Google Workspace Gmail

How can i get the email url in a column for each row that has been processed?

What do you mean by “email url”?

Like the email link for the generated and sent email via Gmail

Should be something like: “Gmail

AppSheet has no built-in awareness of GMail, nor has it access to anyone’s mailbox.

ok, thanks.

In this email i attach a generated file which is saved in my Google Drive. How can i get the link to this file in a table column?

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Not sure you can. I would love to be able to do that too.

You certainly can. Here’s a recent thread of the same situation (and there are many others if you search for them):

And check out this help doc:

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That’s great, thanks.

I know I didn’t say so but I was thinking about an external link/url that would work outside appsheet. I don’t think that is possible.