Get Image path to put in an email

I connected Zapier to send a report to the user’s email but I want to embed the image stored in my appsheet app.

My Zapier’s email format is HTML and the path my databse shows is the following:

I don’t know how what to put before Actividades_Images/024e79b3.Foto1.221009.jpg so that the end user will see the picture loaded on the email.

How about… <a href=<<[ImageColumn]>> ><img src=<<[ImageColumn]>> />< /a>

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Or you create virtual column with app formula ;


For example, you name this column as [URL]

Then on your email body template, you place



<<hyperlink([URL], “Link to file”)>>


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Why this link can’t view XLSX files from Google Drive? The link goes to a white screen with nothing.

When I try it to view PDF file its works, but I cant view XLSX files in the App.

My files was addes to Google Drive, by Workfow, and now I want to add a row with the relevant Link in Attached_File column in the Reports Table.

One of the files is important to be in XLSX.

both of the files in the same folder with the same sharing config.
so what is the problem?


The first file, PDF, is work and I can view it in the App.

Is there a problem viewing XLSX files from Google Drive by URL in the App?
How can I do that?

Is you device capable of viewing XLSX files? AppSheet itself would not display the XLSX file. Instead, AppSheet would hand the file to the operating system (iOS, Android, etc.) to handle. The operating system would then try to determine what app is used to view he file. If you don’t have an app capable of viewing XLSX files, you won’t be able to view them.

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Thanks for your reply.

Actually I have MS EXCEL which is capable to open XLSX files. But what I had mentioned is that when I run the App in web and try to view the XLSX file, The file is downloaded to the PC.

So the link generated by Appsheet maybe for downloading and not for viewing the file. so Appsheet maybe not let to download files.

When I put manually in another column Google Drive’s View Link, It’s work perfect and I can view the file from Appsheet.

Any solution?

I have no other ideas. I suggest you contact directly.


Does this metod still work?

I have tried but i get a Bad request message.

Best Regards