Get last entry by email

Is there an easy way to get the last entry by a person’s email?

A user can make multiple entries, and for each entry we capture their email, timestamp and details they entered. I’d like to create a slice for their last entry.

This entry could be earlier today, last week, last month, etc. and other entries from users are coming in during this time.

I was thinking that I’d create a list, and then pull the last entry from that list, but can’t seem to find the right expression to do it.

Any thoughts?

Try setting the slice’s row filter to this:

  (USEREMAIL() = [EmailColumn])

replacing MyTable with the name of the table you’re slicing, TimestampColumn (note: do not enclose in square brackets!) with the name of the column containing the entry’s timestamp, and EmailColumn with the name of the column containing the entry’s user email.

The MAXROW() expression will find the key column value of the row in the specified table that has the newest (max) timestamp from among the rows matching the given criteria. The slice filter will include a row in the slice if its key column value matches the one found by MAXROW().

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried similar expressions but I keep getting this error:

The inputs for function ‘MAX’ should be a list of numeric values

What am I missing?

MAX() vs MAXROW()?

I get that message when using MAXROW()

I figured it out. I was using a date field, but the type was set wrong. When I changed it to DateTime, it worked. Thanks!