GET name of my email for technician

Hi guys, im make a inventory for equipaments. but i have a technicans.
how i get my email and print in a spreadsheet ?
i wanna in one click make a item go to inventory and knows who make it.

infos :
Behavior > data set values of some columns in this row
3 camps
slack = text (“Inventory”)
Local = text(“inventory”)
and technician.
my idea is print the email and use trim(or similar) for cath the name before @…

slack and technician is a list of many users.

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Sorry I don’t 100% understand what you are asking, but can you take a look at the USEREMAIL() function and see if that’s what you are looking for (if you are looking to add the current user’s email to the underlying spreadsheet for example):


hi, sorry, i learning english xD
but it’s is we need in this moment, thank you.
the difference is now i use trim() for remove and past only name of user in sheet.

example : with trim rafael only.
I read the appsheet manual but didn’t see this function: /

ow i understood now, i need to use substitute, not trim kkk

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