Get Rid of View and New button from Ref detail view

Is there anyway to get rid of the View and New button I circled in red?

I’m afraid you can’t hide this “View (2)” button but you can hide that “New” button if your child table doesn’t have “Adds”. Or you can create a slice for your virtual list column.

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Here’s a link to a post on another thread where you can find a lot more detail about this;

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Thank for the help.

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@Aleksi @MultiTech_Visions
When I set the system action “Add” to “Do not display” the button ref in the form view also disappear too. Any idea in this point? I want it only disappear in the detail view not form view. Could you please help.

You could make use of the CONTEXT() formula for the condition of the Add action; this checks to see what type of view the app is displaying, then based on that you can control when something is shown or not.

context(“ViewType”) <> “Form”

You can find info on CONTEXT() here:

Shout out to @Fabian for bringing this use of context() to my attention! :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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You’re welcome