Get the link of the image in the cell

I am using the app with google sheet.
I am adding an image inside the cell in the data sheet. I also upload google drive to show up in the app.
In the edit history of the image I loaded in the cell[id]
There is a link like How can I get this as text?

If I can get it, I also don’t need to upload it to google drive. I tested it and the application works with the link there.

2021-08-16 17_54_59-1015 - Google E-Tablolar

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Hi @Steve
There is only image in my data .No text.
Can these functions get a link from the image?

You might try an find out…

@Steve I’m really trying to find it but i couldn’t.

When I use the linktext and linkurl functions, I get the error “LINKURL has invalid inputs”.
Actually, this error is very logical because there is only the picture not link or url.

That’s why I asked again just to be sure.

What is the column type of the column of the app that contains the images?

2021-08-17 21_11_55-1015 - AppSheet

The column type of the image column is image.

How did you do this?

I interpret this to mean you uploaded the image file to Google Drive so that you can use the image with your app. If so, have you read and do you understand this help doc?

The link as text is what should already be saved in the spreadsheet.

I can use it in the app with the image files i uploaded to google drive. There is no problem here.
2021-08-17 21_29_56-1015 - AppSheet

With the method i asked, there is no need to upload to google drive.

First of all, I add the image to the cell like this.

after that a link appears in the cell’s edit history.
2021-08-16 17_54_59-1015 - Google E-Tablolar

The image is uploaded to the link here.

If we can get this link as a new column in google sheet or directly in the appsheet, we will not need to do an extra upload process. because this link works in the app. I tested.

link :

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Ah, I see. AppSheet cannot handle any embedded media within a spreadsheet. You cannot use any of these with AppSheet:


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