Get the Max / Min Values of a text in a column

Hello Team,

I’m stuck in a situation where i want to get the lowest and highest values that occur in column.
Let me explain:
I want to determine the lowest occurrence of a particular caller. In this case, B is my expected output. If, two values are the same, then we can select it alphabetically or any random method to pick one. I tried it like, created a VC,then counted the appearances then used MIN(list(VC1,VC2)) to get minimum of the VC, but it gives the number of occurances not the value of caller (B in given example)
Please help.
Thanks in Advance.

MIN() is expecting a number, not letters.

There’s actually several steps involved in arriving at the answer you’re wanting.

  1. First you need to separate each of the letters involved into their own groups
  2. Then you need to count those groups
  3. Then you need to find the highest number of all those groups
  4. Finally you can arrive at the final output: the letter for the group with the most entries.

I hope this has helped at least give you some direction in which to go; there are several ways in which you could accomplish this - one of the best things about the platform is it’s fluidity.