Getting a loading error

When opening my app to edit, I get this error:

The NewApp-1278672 app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator.

How do I contact the app creator? or someone to help?

Who did create the app? If you did, then you are app creator in this context.

Hi @Porsche
Are there any errors in the Info tab?

Yes. It says

Table ‘Untitled form’ must specify a schema.

Table ‘Untitled form’ is no longer connected to its schema/column structure. Please inform and restore the previous app version from the Manage -> Version panel

Well then yes… But how do I fix?

Did you try to regenerate the table of Untitled Form?

No, how do you do that?

Go to columns tab and select table of Untitiled Form.
Then hit regenerate.

Nothing is there when I click on column

Probably you lost the connection to that table.
RE-read that table again.

How to “re-read”?

Sorry I’m very new to this.

I would suggest you start to build the same app from scratch.

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ok thx

It worked…

 I was wondering though, why there is no scroll bar on the side (of the prototype) to see the rest of the information? 

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Some said IT is Irritating Technology (IT), which I won’t deny.

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Allow horizontal scrolling

How do you do this?

Are you asking for this?

Go to UX pane, and Options tab. Scroll down to Table view, turn on User Horizontal Scrolling.

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