Getting address parts from address autocomplete result


How do you get the parts (address, city, Postal code) of an address from the result of an autocomplete from an address field?

The address field provides the ability to complete a partial address. This is great!
From this result, does AppSheet has an build in way to extract address parts like (address, city, Postal code)?
(I have seen other applications doing all this work.)

The only thing I found is coding the following (Assuming [Adresse ID] is an address field.

[Adresse]= INDEX(SPLIT([Adresse ID],", “),1)
[City]= INDEX(SPLIT([Adresse ID],”, “),2)
[Postal code]= CONCATENATE(INDEX(SPLIT(INDEX(SPLIT([Adresse ID],”, “),3),” “),2),INDEX(SPLIT(INDEX(SPLIT([Adresse ID],”, “),3),” "),3))

Nope. :frowning:

Hi Paul,

I am not sure this would solve your problem, but AppSheet can construct a complete address from a set of individual address fields such as Street, City, State, Zip, Country. This allows you to refer to the individual components of the address.

See topic “Automatically Computed Address Field” in this article

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Hi @Phil.

Thanks for the info! I have learned this morning watching a video. Unfortunately the solution I look is the other way around. It starts with a lazy user who starts entering an address which gets auto-completed and then address parts are extracted for him.