Getting app on an ipad

I am having trouble getting my apps on an ipad. I have the Appsheet app on it already - but i cannot get my apps on it… Works great on phones and computer - but having trouble on ipad…

update - So i can get to the “shared apps” on the ipad. And i can open the apps from that - but i cannot add a shortcut - for each app. When i click on the side menu and then “add shortcut” - it takes me to Safari (web browser).

I think shortcut referes to a URL type shortcut. On about half of all iphones/ipads I find that you cannot put a shortcut on the main screen. You have to go in via the Appsheet shortcut, which will then load the last App you went in to.

ok - so i may not be able to get the shortcuts for my apps on this ipad? However - i can get to them - through the one “Appsheet” app? Correct?