Getting back the reference to View and Table of current Editor Window

Hi there,

I was hoping someone could pinpoint me to how to get the option back for the links to the View/Table in the editor below the preview.

I seem to have lost it when I was syncing my app, and I do not know where to change that option to get it back.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Please post a screenshot showing where the missing thing would be.

99% sure he means these? I don’t think they are a setting?

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That’s exactly what I mean, how do I get those back. Apparently they disappeared on me.

Please post a screenshot.

What austin was talking about does not appear, I would like that to appear

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Hmmm… That is very odd. I’m not aware of any setting at all in the app editor that would hide those links. You’re probably best off engaging on this one.

What OS? Browser? Browser extensions/add-ons?

OS is Windows 10 and I had the references before on windows 10. Using Chrome Browser, no extensions.

I’ll contact support as well.

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Have you tried a hard reload (Shift+Ctrl+R or Ctrl+F5) of the app editor?

Just tried, still missing.

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My preview doesn’t go down that far when I’m on phone preview can you confirm if you’re on phone or tablet? might be a below the cut off in a sense

I’m on my work laptop, so I should be able to see it I presume.

I’ve figured it out, I noticed that I was able to click on something just outside of the view right by the scrollbar, I cntrl shifted to zoom out and I can see them again. I believe they were there, just out of sight with no way to scroll down to them.

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Whoa! Good catch!

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