Getting client version of the app

Hi there,

I have a group of identical apps that distributed to the working sites. Each site has its own app which is linked to its own spreadsheet. However the apps are fully identical.
I have recently came upon an issue where after updating all these apps, soe of the site were unable to receve app updates and continued to work with data, whic eventually ended up with some data loss.

Now I am reviewing app versions at all the sites to ensure they are updated.
Was wondering if there is a mechanism to get to know an app version the client is currently using.
Thanks and apprecaited,

App versioning is possible thru AppSheet Business Plan. However, creating copy of the apps and distributing them is a hard way to manage when it comes to updating the app builds. Rather than this, I might advise using a single app instead with multiple spreadsheet connected and app data is filtered via Security Filters.


Thank you @LeventK,

In fact, this is my a design plan I will be working on shortly, however, my current set up is like this.
Anyway, thank you again,