Getting datetime stamp for change for original status, and change in status

Taking the Order Capture sample app as an example, I need to capture l

  1. The datetime stamp when a new order is created (that will by default be an “open” status order”)
  2. The datetime stamp when the same order is changed to “complete” status.

For 1. I can do it via with a column with the formula now(), but how do I get the datetime stamp when the status is changed, without overriding the original datetime stamp when the order was at “open” status?

Looking forward to any help I can get from this community :slight_smile:

You can try a “ChangeTimestamp” type column, and in the column details you can tell it which columns to watch for change.

Or you could utilize a Reset On Edit expression.

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It works. Thank you so much :grinning: Need to remind myself that we need not use double quotes to specify the values.

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