Getting "Immediate Attention Requested" while using free plan


I just shared my first Appsheet app with 9 people in the organization to start testing it. So at the moment, only 9 people have access to our prototype AppSheet application. However, I got an email notice saying:

Alert: Plan upgrade needed: Some prototype-stage apps have significant user activity (more than 10 users): Please convert them to deployable apps with an appropriate plan

Immediate Attention Requested: All apps and app users in your account could be impacted or blocked after a period of 3 days.

After taking a closer look at app activity I found out that I actually shared all together with 11 different users but never 11 at once, this is why I didn’t notice I am going over the 10 users limit.

I am very early on in validation of prototype and I am still trying to prove the usefulness of AppSheet apps as it is for our organization. Is there a way that I can continue to test the prototype for a little while before switching to Paid plan and deploying the application? Because all together we do not have and do not need for testing and validation purposes more than 10 active users. The two that were added in between by mistake were already removed and are not active.

I would very appreciate quick response if possible. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Please contact for help with this.