Getting information besides Lat Long to show up when selecting a location on the map

On my app when a marker is selected, a small panel pops up at the bottom which shows lat and long, but i want it to display the name. In the sample app below, besides lat and long, it also displays the name and ID.

From what I can tell, my app matches this but I can’t figure out why this sample app has the extra information showing while mine does not.

Help would be appreciated.

Edit: Its blocking my sample app link and says im “not allowed to post a link to that host” and the host is appsheet…

Trying to post the link:

https:// www

The sample app above is the initializing to nearest location sample app. Remove the spaces and you can access it. Not sure why the appsheet website is blocking appsheet links. Sorry!

There are a number of posts with this exact same question.

The short of it…It is not documented anywhere but if you create a Deck View for the same Slice used by Map view, the Map View will use that Deck View definition for the information shown when a pin is selected.

The Deck View does not need to be shown anywhere, in fact you can make it a Ref view.

I have asked that a comment be placed in the Map View declaring this.

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