Getting the value from another sheet from a column besides the key column

Good morning - I have a dataset “Work Orders” that has (among others) two columns: Technician and Hourly Rate. I have another dataset “Technicians” that has Name (corresponding to Work Orders[Technician]) and “Hourly Rate”.

I want the Work Orders[Hourly Rate] column to fill in automatically depending on what the Work Orders[Technician] value is.

For example:

If, in Technicians, the Hourly Rate for “John” is $17.00, then, in Work Orders, if Technician is set to “John”, then I want Hourly Rate to automatically be set to $17.00.

If it were in SQL, I think it would be something like this:

SELECT HourlyRate FROM Technicians
WHERE Name == WorkOrders.Technician

I hope that makes sense.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Try an initial value expression of:

  "Hourly Rate"

See also: LOOKUP()

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That did the trick! You are wonderful, thank you so much!

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