Getting the value of a column with one Virtual Column


I have an app and I’d like to get the value of a column of the most recent entry in the table. I only seem to be able to do it using two virtual columns - one to get the reference to the row, and one to get the column’s value. Is it possible to do both at once?

I currently have a column with:
INDEX(ORDERBY(SELECT(Grape Samples[DateTime]), "DateTime"), 1)
And a column with:
[Most Recent Entry].[Variety]
Which references that first column.

I seem to be unable to do it all in one, like this:
INDEX(ORDERBY(SELECT(Grape Samples[DateTime], true), "DateTime"), 1).[Variety]
which I assumed would work but it does not.

Is this just not possible? Or could it be unintended?


Try something like…
LOOKUP(MAXROW(“Grape Samples”,"_rownumber"),“Gray Samples”,“KeyColumn”,“Variety”)

That syntax isn’t supported, unfortunately. :frowning: