GETX() and GETY() not working

As mentioned in this Blog Article, we have new function: GETX(xy) and GETY(xy)

To me these are not working:


There is also a difference between this blog article and the help article.

In Blog it says:
GETX(xy) returns the X portion of an XY value as a decimal value in the range +100.000000 to -100.000000.

In Help Article it says:
GETX(xy) returns the X portion of an XY value as a decimal value in the range 0.000000 to 100.000000.

By the way: What’s the difference between GETX([XY]) and LAT([XY]) ?

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I believe the help article is correct, because XY columns are supposed to be 0 to 100 if I recall correctly.

Otherwise, I would imagine in this example of your it would work if you first defined it as an XY value: GETX(XY(50, 50))

GETX is for XY columns and LAT is for LatLong columns. LAT will still work for XY columns though I believe. But its mostly a everything gets its own version for clarity purposes.

NVM, tested it and it still didn’t work. Maybe someone forgot to push something on their end.

Use LAT() in place of GETX() and LONG() in place of GETY().
I started to implement GETX and GETY but got sidetracked.


@Stefan_Quartemont we were just talking about this…

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There were a few updates to be made at the time of the publishing of the blog. Trust the support article at this time. We’ll work towards getting additional information once we have an update on the feature.

Unfortunate LatLong and XY aren’t just List types…

I noticed xy type is not list type. For instance, if we want to place the initial value such as “50, 50”.
Then intial value expression, such as latlong(50, 50) not to work. {50, 50} neither.

Only text(50,50) worked, which gave an indication, xy type column value is actually text value.


That was my point: if LatLong and XY were list types, their component values would be available with INDEX(), so GETX() and GETY() wouldn’t be such revelations. Even still:

Function Equivalence
LAT([LatLong]) DECIMAL(INDEX(SPLIT([LatLong], ", "), 1)))
LONG([LatLong]) DECIMAL(INDEX(SPLIT([LatLong], ", "), 2)))