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(Grant Stead) #1

+Gil Littman @Santiago Will the NFC deal in appsheet read the natural UID off of the NFC chip, or does the chip need to be actually encoded with a UID? (Cause this would completely eliminate a tough step in my process. If I can just hijack the UID that’s already present, that would be awesome.)

If not, can you hook it up with an expression or some way of letting us pull in the NFC chips UID? (the good thing about the chip UID is that it is locked in at manufacture and supposedly can’t get rewritten, it is what it is. And, it also let’s the chip be actually encoded so it could do double duty.)


(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

@Grant_Stead Right now you can’t read the UID with AppSheet, only the Ndef records in the tag. In theory, we could add this feature (in Android at least), but I’m not sure what use cases it will be useful for, and are they worth making the editor more complicated. Could you please share more details of how were you planning to use the UID? You can use NFC Tools free app to read the tag’s UID (will appear as Serial number) and then write it to the tag as a record so that AppSheet will be able to read it. NFC Tools - Apps on Google Play play.google.com

(Grant Stead) #3

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet Sure, check this out… I’m going to call it a companion post. LOL…

plus.google.com - I create an appsheet system generated UNIQUEID() for the Key value for people… I create an appsheet system generated UNIQUEID() for the Key value for people… plus.google.com

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #4

@Grant_Stead I guess if you have a large number of tags it would make sense to use the existing UID. We’ll keep it in mind when we consider our next steps with NFC.

(Grant Stead) #5

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet yes, and the real deal is that I betcha 99% of the time were just trying to get a UID into the system. So, from what I understand most systems do what I’m doing. A system UID for the person, and another UID for the badge that is assigned at badge creation… (Most places have a stack of pre programmed id cards, all they’re doing is printing your picture on it, and associating your employee ID.)

Anyway hijacking the existing UID would make the whole process more approachable for appsheet users. Cause then we don’t have to encoded each I’ve, we just simply associate it…

Just something to chew on.

(Bjarne Allerup) #6


We really need to use

the natural UID of the NFC chip.

We assign the NFC to a Location, a Person or a Task.

We want to use this for our security software.

A person are working a round at the facility documenting that he was there by scanning a NFC Tag. When the tag is scanned we store location, time and USERMAIL, if he have to report something - light was on, window open or dor unlocked etc. the he can take a picture, write a text and so on. If he meet a person he can ask for a signature.

It would be nice to just let buy som NFC Tags and start using them using the

natural UID of the NFC chip.

If you need further explanation, please contact me directly.