GitLab collaborative wiki

Some people (@WillowMobileSystems, @Kirk_Masden come to mind) here have expressed a desire to maybe set up a wiki that could organize content better for newbies and even for experienced app developers. I looked around for possible ways we could do that and have chosen GitLab to get something going.

Please visit and add your feedback/comments to this thread.



How does this differ from simply having more description in the app demo details tab?

I provided a few reasons in the wiki. Not everyone provides good documentation in the app demo details tabs.

Will there be an area for something like design and style guides?

Yes, I am planning to add design and style guides - whether to do it as a static site (and if so how) or in the wiki is tbd. If you have a particular format for these guides (even if not AppSheet) you would like, please suggest. Thanks.

I suggest that they are made projects within the Wiki:

I could make a contribution, although we should make it clear its not official, nor representative of the whole group, due to its subjectivity.


I agree that we should have a disclaimer that it is not official nor intended to address any and all topics like in this forum. How would you propose to convey that on the site I have set up?

You mentioned design and style guides. Would you be interested in creating some content for that or do you have other topics that you specifically want to add to the wiki?

Some of the topics on GitLab I intend to add will end up pushing my agenda forward - hope you (and others interested) are ok with that.

Disclaimer: Just add at the footer of the website a link to a page for the disclaimer. Some examples:

Design and Style Guide: I have my own notes already sitting in text files. I would be keen to put them out in the open and get critiqued.

Other Topics? Nothing comes to mind at present. I think maybe some collaborative activity based on a suite of related apps based on common framework might be a good idea. For example: Person Profile App that includes Security Access Levels and Policies, basic Organization Profiles and Addresses structures.

Pushing Agendas: Mine would be looking for reusable components/expressions. The common framework suggestion I just mentioned is something that would inspire and drive that… I would enjoy seeing yours!!!

How can I start that new project for a style and design guide for Appsheet then on that GitLab wiki framework?

I have created a hierarchical page for Design and Style Guides. You can start creating pages as required under that. See this for help with the wiki.

I have requested access to the “ascommunity”.