Give user ability to set recurring entries

Hi all, i am having a a crack at setting some recurring tasks, i would like to give the user the ability to set an expense entry form as a recurring entry, where the user is able to select the Amount, Date, End date. So that the app duplicates the original expense record once per month on that date until the end date.

In my standard expense entry form i now have a column 'is this a recurring expense? y/n
If yes is selected additional end date field appears.

My thoughts so far, somehow create a list of dates the same as the Entry date for the succeeding months between the entry date and the end date ie;
(entry date: 03/01/2021),
(succeeding dates: 04/01/2021, 05/01/2021, 06/01/2021)

If i can get that done, i just call a webhook to copy that list of dates and the expense id into a new table ‘Recurring expenses’ on the form save.

At that point i should be able to run a bot that loops through that table every day and when today equals the recurring month date this bot duplicates the row record in the expense table

am i on the right track here? any ideas on the expression required to list all the succession of dates?


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Thanks Steve, i found your Add Rows for a date range sample app perfect for solving this

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