"given key not present in the dictionary"

all of a sudden I am getting this message and Syncing App never finishes.
One of my tables does not have the “Columns” or “Regenerate” option, just has the view source, view data and delete option,
I took all the data out of the table thinking there was some bad data, I don’t know if that woul work because it hangs on the Sync.
Any ideas?

Second try re-adding that datasource again(you can have the same table in an app twice with no issue). If this persist to the second table as well then that’s a bigger problem, if that second table works fine maybe try going to the source path and reselecting the table.

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I think once a tab from a sheet is added it is greyed out and you can not pic it again. I ended up going to an older version then back…I don’t know what it was…


Ummm… If the app editor allows you to add the same table source twice, something is wrong. :frowning:

This is what I mean

Perhaps that’s possible only with SQL sources? It’s not possible with spreadsheet sources.

It has a very very small subset of use cases for this to be useful. If you have lots of data and lots of expensive formulas you only want to apply to a small subset of rows for performance gains is about the only reason I have come up with. And not even sure of the viability of that use.