Go back to initial View after Sync

Hello - Is there a way to tell the app to go to a certain view after the app is synced? In my app, once the user syncs and adds a record to the data, I want them to go back to initial view.

Hi you can add an action on save to take you to another view or set your form to reopen.

Thanks Lynn. I looked at actions but did see the action on save. Let me look again. Thanks again.

Hi The action would be Go to a view, and can be applied when Form

is saved.

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Thanks so much. I may not be in the right spot in the app, but if I pull the drop down for the Event Action, the view I want is not there, nor is “go to” a view. I am in the Behavior section of the Installations_Form view. I want to go to the Property view.


Wow! You’re the best. You make it look too easy! That worked. Thank you.

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Sorry to reopen the conversation, but that doesn’t work for me.
I would like that after sync, reopens the app on a certain screen.
Can you help me?