Gobal search

I should like a global search. That is; when you are searching, the results will be from all tables, not just the current view.

It’s not the same, but have you tried the assistant?

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If you add in all of your Table views to a single Dashboard view, then you can search through all of them at once. I often do this as a Menu view called “Search All”.


That’s an awesome idea.

Thanks, that’s a great idea.

Hi @Marc_Dillon ! Great idea. I’m sure it works well in a variety of contexts but I just tried it in an app with thousands of records in different tables and, in a case like that, it seems to be prohibitively expensive. I couldn’t even get it to run properly in my browser. My app became extremely slow. I wonder if the number of records in the apps in which you have implemented this is in the hundreds rather than thousands.

P.S. It worked . . . it’s just heavy in my app:

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 11.42.58