Going into a specific tab of a form

Hi there, I’m working on a large form with multiple tabs that require inputs from multiple persons. I’m wondering if I’m able to use a function to direct me to a specific tab. I understand that LINKTOVIEW(Key],“View Name”) is able to bring me to a specific entry and it’s respective view. Is there anywhere to go further than that? To open the form and to a specific tab immediately.


Unfortunately, not currently. Impossible.


Thank you for the reply. That’s unfortunate then. I am using slices and repositioning the tabs so that I get the tab I want to the front but it is a rather large form and I am concerned that the changing order of the form would confuse my users.

While I’m at it, may I ask if it’s possible to use auto input data from a separate table into my form upon selection and open that specific entry?

On the left is my form menu, each option goes into the same form but I’ve sliced them and customised the form order for each option. I’ve added a column containing the data I want to pull into the form within each row.

On the right is the first tab of my form and depending on which selection, different options will be made available. I would like to automate this process such that when the user select the form from the menu, the form is autofilled with the correct selection.

I understand to pull data from different tables, I can use the Data action - add a new row to another table. However, I’m stuck as to how to then go into that specific new entry all in one go. I would greatly appreciate your help on this.

Thank you.

Nevermind me, I found out about the LINKTOFORM() function and it does exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you so much.

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