Going through List Column to create a new virtual Column List

So here is my Question.

Is there a good way to go through a List in each Row, and for each Item in that List, Create a new list of Text Items from a different table that contains the Items in the Original List?

So, what I want is this:

Is contained in TestID List but the ERGs are contained in a different table.

So I tried this equation:

IN([_THISROW].[ERG List],TestID List[ERG List] )

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. I can answer any questions if this is hard to understand.


Your request makes no sense to me. Rephrase?

I wish to go through a list which is contained in TestID List, like shown in the picture attached.

Going through this list, I want to take each item in that list, and then find it in another table called ERG List (Same name as the Column in TestID List)>

Once I find the ERG in ERG List, I want to add all of the “TechRoles” from ERG List into a virtual column in TestID List.

This is the ERG List Table I want to find the TechRoles in.

So essentially, A List of Lists of TechRoles.

How does one identify a “TechRole” in ERG List?

I created a Virtual Column from a table that has all of the ERGs connected to a TechRole.

Here is the table:

It’s called ERG_TechRoles

Is there a way I can possibly do this?

I have no idea. I can’t make sense of your problem description.

Some Pseudo Code:

For Each [TestID] in [TestID List]

        Take [ERG List] for that [TestID]
                For each Item in [ERG List] of the [TestID]
                         Look in [ERG List Table] for the specific [ERG] and Take
                         The [TechRoles]

I want a big list of all the TechRoles made