Good afternoon, I want to add for the applica...

(vadim Shlyazhko) #1

Good afternoon, I want to add for the application a semblance of a calculator for the user.

help to understand why the formula does not work =IF([Км]<4,DECIMAL(“7,77”),IF([Км]=4,DECIMAL(“6,23”),if([Км]=5,DECIMAL(“5,41”),if([Км]=6,DECIMAL(“4,58”),if([Км]=7,DECIMAL(“4,03”),if([Км]=8,DECIMAL(“3,76”),if([Км]=9,DECIMAL(“3,48”),if([Км]=10,DECIMAL(“3,26”),if(and([Км]>10,[Км]<21)=true,DECIMAL(“3,04”),if(and([Км]>20,[Км]<31)=true,DECIMAL(“2,44”),if(and([Км]>30,[Км]<41)=true,DECIMAL(“2,11”),if(and([Км]>40,[Км]<61)=true,DECIMAL(“1,94”),DECIMAL(“1,83”))))))))))))), where I made a mistake?

column type DECIMAL.

(vadim Shlyazhko) #2

DECIMAL before the values I added because the value of 3.08 was perceived in the formula as the date

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @vadim_Shlyazhko,

Any specific reason you are using comma character to indicate decimal point?

If you are using AppSheet formula, then I believe you need to denote decimal values as DECIMAL(7.77)

or DECIMAL(6.23)

Please note the use of decimal point instead of comma to denote the decimal point.

You may also wish to remove the " " to include the numbers.

(vadim Shlyazhko) #4

@Suvrutt_Gurjar thank you very much helped me