Good evening (from NZ). Is there a way to dis...

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Good evening (from NZ). Is there a way to display an action button in a table view, where the action effects a different table?

I have several tables, with “Properties” table be the central Ref table. Branching off are tables such as Tenant Info, Property Issues, Maintenance, Income etc. I am trying to account for all rent received against each property.

What I am trying to achieve is a quick way to set rent received / not received against a property. My ideal would be to use an expression where, every Sunday the action triggers to say rent was received, which would create a new row showing Property Name(Ref), Date (Change), Rent received TRUE, Rent amount (ref) - there would need to be a condition that checked there was not an entry in the last 7 days for this property. I would check to see if rent payment was made on Friday and if not, I would manually set to Rent Received FALSE.

The view below is overall how I would like it to look, but currently each row is its own entity, rather than a single Property and all associated rents. Ideally I would just see a list of each property name, so I could select several and use a bulk action to create the appropriate row.

Are there any suggestions to point me in the right direction??

Many thanks

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I have just seen the attendance app. This pretty much does what I want - but unsure how it works. It has a thumbs up / down for present / absent, for me this is rent paid / not paid. From roster view (i.e. property view) can bulk action for one or other. This looks as though it should create a row in the attendance records sheet (my income sheet) every time one of these actions is committed. Whilst I can replicate the actions etc, the actual attendance app doesn’t seem to be creating records as it should be - unsure if this is a bug??

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@William_Stewart Here’s a link to a video building the attendance app: - Attendance App | July 2018 | Office Hours | AppSheet

It looks like it uses a zapier webhook to add the rows in the background.

Right now it’s not possible to add rows “in the background” in AppSheet. You need to use external services like zapier. Attendance App | July 2018 | Office Hours | AppSheet

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Morning (also from NZ, S.I.).

I recently asked a similar question from the perspective of adding two records (rows) from one form and I looked at the possibility of actions to achieve this.

Actions only seem to be able to edit existing records, not add a new record and I was also referred to webhooks and APIs.

I haven’t yet been able to look further into this approach.

I’m interested in this post as there are benefits to an app I’m trying to create where some clients of a gym instructor pay weekly by AP.

It would be great to automate these payments against selected clients and have the instructor only needing to confirm or delete the receipt of payment.

And also an earthworks app where a truck time log automatically records tonnage of gravel.

Multiple applications where auto-generation of records would be useful.

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Ahh, I see. Assume future plan for Appsheet? I had seen the Zapier workflow but hadn’t been aware of what Zapier do. I will go down that path as it will work well for my situation. Thanks!

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Zapier up and running nicely, however - I had wanted the amount of rent it updates to be $X if rent received or $0 if not. In the attendance app they use a formula for their calculation field so I assumed I could do something like: =IF([Rent Received]=“Y”,[Property Name].[Rent Amount],“0”) But no joy. Any ideas? The rent amount is being ref from another table. Also, in attendance app, the ID field which is common between both the roster and attendance record table, and each have UNIQUEID() but in the view the Roster shows

the persons first name, but in the attendance record it does create a UNIQUEID()… How is it doing this?? if the ID in roster is “Tony” and that is sent in the webhook then shouldn’t it = Tony in the attendance record? I ask because I have Property Name, but in the rent received table I would like a UNIQUEID() - but it does not population one. Thanks

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@William_Stewart Your IF expression should work. I’d recommend trying it out in the expression tester to see why it isn’t. - Expression Assistant and Expression Builder

Expression Assistant and Expression Builder

(William Stewart) #9

No error throwing up from expression test… Unsure why it isn’t working - and not really too sure where to look / what to change. I have another issue too,

my Rent Received column is currently a Yes / No, and the action I run sets the answer appropriately. If I say Rent Received the column is “Yes” - this sends one record from Zapier to my sheet, however if I perform action Rent Not Received, where it sets the column to “No” - it sends 2 rows from Zapier, the first with “Yes” and the 2nd with “No”… It doesn’t do the opposite, i.e. if the last record was “No” and then I set to “Yes” it doesn’t send a “No” 1st followed by “Yes”, it acts as it should and just sends a single “Yes” row. My Rent Not Received action only differs in the condition of @(_TODAY)>([Date]+6) But this is just to make the action button visible if condition met so can’t see how this would affect it. I would love some help! Thanks