Good evening. I am having some issue with dat...

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Good evening. I am having some issue with date formats. I want dd/mm/yyyy. Have Sheets locale set to United Kingdom (as New Zealand still not an option).

Also have Doc set to English / UK for my reports. In Appsheet it has automatically detected UK as locale, however I get invalid date if I try to

do DD/MM and so am still having to do MM/DD. Any other suggestions?? If the day is greater than 12 it knows which order to set it in eg. 31/03/2018 is March 31, 2018 in longdate format. But if it can’t tell which is the day vs month e.g. 01/04/2018 it reverts to MM/DD/YYYY i.e January 4, 2018



Hi @William_Stewart Setting your sheets and appsheet locales to australia and your time zone to NZ is the best option. Also check your browser settings.


Hi also check this out. - Locale Support in AppSheet Locale Support in AppSheet

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Thank @Lynn but I already had all those things checked. Makes no difference if UK or Australia and had time zone NZ time. As you can see from the picture, even though the expressions are the same - it is presenting each date differently:

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Note: the columns containing these date expressions are virtual columns - so no sheet formatting of columns. And I’m using Chrome on a Mac, language set to English (NZ)