Google Add-on not launching not working

Hello hoping to figure this out I having been creating apps by using the google add-on with google forms. I used it twice and it worked great. Now that I am trying to create another app with a new form that has been filled out already it won’t load. I go to prepare the form just fine but when I click launch I get this notification "Please create an account or login to your existing account.

Then you can access the app or create your own apps." but I am already logged in. I am only logged into one account which I am using with appsheet and there is no one sharing my form or sheet from form. I have no idea why it is not working :frowning: Please hoping someone can help me out

Hi @stayonpointtattoo,

I am not able to reproduce your issue and it seems that the add-on is still working.

May I suggest you to re-try by opening another tab in the same browser windows (side-by-side to the form and sheet tab) and open the My-App tab within ?


I actually had to make a whole new google form and sheet to make the app. Apparently if a form is already in use with alot of data appsheet cannot create the app for me