Google Address Book (Directory) Data in Appsheet

We are trying to migrate some google Appmaker Appsheet.
With the appmaker, Directory widget (API) provides user email, FullName, GivenName, Title, and any additional fields that to be used in the application.

With Appsheet, we can retrieve only the email.
What can be done on this ?

Use case
When the user is logged in via google mail, his department, mobile , location data can be retrieved if the same is entered in Directory fields.

Did you try this add-on?

What you can do is to create a google sheet and put “Employee” table with department, mobile, location, etc in the column. Connect that to AppSheet as user table.

There are several ways to be able to create this Employee table, such as:

  1. Connecting it with Directory API using script, this script needs to be executed by Domain Administrator (Super Admin).
  2. Use an add-on, like Ok-Goldy add-on. This is a free add-on but still you need to be the domain administrator to do this.
  3. Get the Domain Admin to do either #1 or #2 and create a Master Domain users. Use a script to “sync” daily to another User table to be used for AppSheet. With this method, anyone assigned in domain will be able to have their own separate user table to point to which is always sync daily to my master domain users.

I am using step#3 at this time and about to have one SQL database table later-on with this user table.



Thank you Heru,
Option 3 would be better at this stage.