Google API Level

Does anyone know when the Google API level will be updated to level 28? I think, per the link below, that AppSheet will have to update this and then Google white label users will then need to resubmit the APK. Please let me know if this is something that I can fix.

Edit: November 1st is the deadline that Google has set for this.

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Thank you for your question @EIG! I’m doing a bit of digging on this, I’ll ping you once we have more information.

A quick update after speaking to one of our developers this evening. The API was updated back in July and there’s a chance the application is trying to upload an apk generated before the update took place. Try generating a new apk and if you continue to encounter an issue with this matter please reach back out.

Happy app building!

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While trying to update my app on Google Play, I had the following news:

Upload failed
Your app’s desired API level is currently 27. However, this level must be at least 28 for your app to use the latest APIs, which feature security and performance optimizations.