Google APIs

I’m assessing if I can transition our Onboarding app from App Maker to AppSheet. Our Onboarding app relies on the Google Directory API to create a new GSuite user and add to groups. In App Maker I can do that with a client function calling a server function and get a callback of the result.
The closest thing I find in AppSheet is the webhook action but it is described as a “fire and forget” but if it just works I suppose this is good enough.
Am I on the right track with webhook calls? Has anyone worked out setting new users in GSuite using the Google Directory API or I guess any Google API?

Hi @LarryReaderBFL, after 3 months with AppSheet, I haven’t been able to find the right method for any API used in App Maker being integrated with AppSheet. During the final “App Maker to AppSheet Transition” and one before that, Christian did some demo about Directory API. I’ve asked for the code to be shared but it seems still under development.
You might want to check the recording session:


Hey thanks a ton for that Heru. A second opinion saves me from thrashing around for hours on this for no reason. Until this situation changes I will look elsewhere for this use case. Seems like AppSheet should work with Google, assume that is in the works?

I believed so. There are many basic integration to be done and it will just take time to do all of that, and if it is that simple, Google should’ve just share the solution to us, now - which is not happening.

Please feel free to just drop in any discussion, as there are many other ex-App Maker here that might be able to share their finding path.

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