Google app script integration event

Hi! There is a post (How to Integrate Google Apps Script & Trigger with an AppSheet App) describing a way to “capture” AppSheet change on the spreadsheet and continue the workflow on our Google Workspace side.

The thing is, maybe things changed, but the OnChange event which is described as the right one for this integration doesn’t provide the source object anymore (Event Objects  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers). So we can’t find out what was changed and the actions to take.

Does anyone know how to do this integration?

Did you actually try it? I believe it still does, regardless of what that doc says.

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Of course I tried. And tried many different ways, like trying to getting activeRange and selecting Spreadsheet and sheet from ID. Which doesn’t provide the target range that AppSheet is editing.

Source object is empty as you can see in the attached image, each trigger makes 2 changes: OTHER and EDIT. Probably adding row and writing values to cells.

I have a manually installed on change trigger for this script

Which as you can see uses e.source

This script has been running successfully for many months.

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