Google calendar adds 1h to time

Hi all,

I have a database with date/time entries…
I use an action to automatically create a google calendar event with the data.
It was working perfectly fine until today… An entry 17:15 in my database got shifted to 18:15 in google calendar… I don´t understand… Nothing changed…

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Timezone change?

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I am having this same Issue, I cant seem to figure out the problem with the timezone. all the events are being created from the wrong timezone.

Instead of using NOW(), try using UTCNOW() and adding or subtracting the appropriate hours for your timezone.

the problem is that the datetime is not being calculated, I’m selecting the datetime to start the event

Oh. Then its not the same problem as the OP. Try putting NOW() into an initial value in your app somewhere, and create a record through the app and see what gets output. This will tell you what the system thinks your timezone is.

Ok, Let me give you more details because I noticed 2 things.

  1. when i save the event in the app, the time is correct. then a few seconds later it changes the time to an hour later.
  2. when i look at the event details in the calendar the event is scheduled with a LA, CA timezone.

how can I change the timezone for just this app? some of my other apps are in California so…

Timezones are not set per app. It is all based on what is set as the timezone on the user’s device. So you can have users in multiple timezones.

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my computer timezone is correct and so is my phone

I just realized it works between now and sunday, but monday next week it adds an hour. this is a bug

If you believe it is a bug, please contact


I think I’m experiencing something similar. The calendar in the app is changing to an hour later after I sync. Fortunately not affecting my google calendar or ical, they are staying at the correct time, just happening in the app. I’ll contact support.

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