Google Calendar "Created By" doesn't reflect ...

(James Burgess) #1

Google Calendar “Created By” doesn’t reflect correct user name when adding an event. ------------------------------------------------

Hi Community!

I’ve added a shared calendar as a data source, but all events created in the app (by any user) populate the “Creator” field as MY account email, not their account email.

If the users create events on the shared calendar using the native Google Calendar website, appsheet correctly pulls in their email into the “Creator” field when syncing.

But when adding events through the appsheet app, all “Creator” fields populate with my email!

Any suggestions?



(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

@James_Burgess Unfortunately I don’t think its possible. One thing you could do (but is a bit complicated) is to have another table mapping event IDs to the user who created them (using a link to form action that is executed once the event form is saved). Then add a virtual column to the calendar table showing the “Real” creator. Downside of this solution is that it will require the user to save 2 different forms.