Google Calendar data source Question

I’m brand new, less than 24 hours into Appsheet experimenting. Using google calendar as a data source, the standard table size is set to read all data in the past 90 days and future 90 days. (Data > Tables > Your Calendar > Worksheet Name/Qualifier). It reads {“FromDaysInThePast”:-90,“ToDaysInTheFuture”:90}

I want to change this to only the current month’s data - meaning whatever the calendar month is when opening the app, not ONLY this present month of September - but don’t know the syntax for the request.

Can anyone link a list for the proper syntax to use? I do not know what language/expression style is used for this. Thanks in advance.

Once you add Google Calendar as a table, you would see new table called “primary”

Go to the table settings, security filters, then apply expressions like


This will be pulling the google calendar events where event starts date fall within the current month you are on.



That works perfectly! Thank you sir!

I just found the expression help list (Expressions: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center for others who might be looking), thanks very much for the insight.