Google Calendar data source: Reduce sync time

If you use Google Calendar as a Data Source in your app, the standard setting is: It will read all data 90 days in the past and 90 days in the future.
You can find this under Data > Tables > Your Calendar > Worksheet Name/Qualifier

But this may not be necessary.
If you just want to add entries to google calendar via your AppSheet App, but don’t have a calendar view you can change it to
And/Or use this expression in the security filter: FALSE
Now you can still add entries to google calendar, but the app won’t load the data when syncing.

If you have a view to display google calendar, but only need the entries from today, you can change it to
And use this expression in the security filter: DATE([Start])=TODAY()
You need this security filter, because {"FromDaysInThePast":-1,"ToDaysInTheFuture":1} means: 24 hours from now. So you would get also entries from yesterday and tomorrow.