Google Calendar Sync

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a strange behaviour from Appsheet, I have added my google calendar as a source to my app and created a calendar view with that table.
Through the calendar view I am able to create events which simultaneously sync with google, so when I go to my Google Calendar I can see al the events created in my appsheet app.

The problem is these events are not shown on my calendar view on appsheet. So when I click save and appsheet synchronises they are not shown in the view.

Does anyone have any idea why?

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Please share a screenshot from the UX Calendar View.
It may be related to the Start and End config:
You should point them to the Start and End columns (Use [Start] for start date and start time. Do the same with [End])
Edit: Also, (not related to your question) I think you speak spanish. You can localize your app so that it makes more sense for your users. Take a look:


Thank you so much!

yes I do speak Spanish.
I didn’t understand what you mentioned on the last part of your message

here is the screenshot that you requested

I believe that all my settings are ok.


done! thank you so much for help


No problem.

It was the fact that you were using the [Start] and [End] columns on the wrong places, right?

Start date → Start
Start time → Start

End date → End
End time → End

Just to help anyone out with the same problem