Google Calendar to display events for longer periods than default set

Im not sure if this is officially documented or mentioned before in this community place, but I noticed that we are able to change the Google Calendar (as data source) events to be shown on Appsheet by chaning the value in JSON here.

By default, it is set to -90 / + 90, meaning the events with data for 180 day periods will be thrown to App with mean date today().

For instance, if we wish to get the events with date in the last year, change “FrmDasInThePast” key value to -365 like the screenshot as above.


In all the time I have been on the community, I have not heard mention of the Google Calendar integration capability…so I went looking and found this post that has a link to AppSheet article as well:

Its been around since March 2019!!! I am going to get familiar with this immediately!!


It can come in handy for creating recurring events because you can just define the periodicity in GCal (First Monday, Monthly, Yearly, etc) instead of creating complex expressions and workflows in AppSheet.