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Dear All,

I am currently working on a leads management application. This application allows my sales rep to schedule calls. So I created a schedule meeting form and put it at a calendar view. It worked. But now my team wants to sync it with google calendar. I added the google calendar in tables and did try to assign values but it did not work (probably I was missing an action button).
Now i am letting the person schedule the meeting in calendar it self however, I am facing following issues.

  1. Now I can not store call records / comments etc as I do not have a sheet with this meeting record.
  2. I am referencing my main table to fetch the name and assign it to the title but in records it is showing only the unique ID. How do I correct that.

I am relatively new to the appsheet. I badly need guidance from the community to resolve this issue.


Iā€™m having the issue where the unique ID is being shown as the event title when creating an event from within appsheet. Is there a way round, this?


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To answer, we need a detailed description of the problem.