Google Chat integration

Great to see integration with mail, sms, etcetera. Integration with Google Chat should be a default option. I know you can do something with a lot of custom development, but it should be as simple sending a SMS.

#wish list: integration to Google Chat

I have to say I am now almost a natural with posting to google chat rooms via webhooks. It felt complicated at first , but today all of my apps notifications are transformed in google chat room topics. But it can be improved… A possibility to open from an app a google chat topic will create endless possibilities, starting with no need for chat tables in apps. This is my next try to do with automations and a button , if google chat will allow me :slightly_smiling_face:

I do think that first steps for this possible integration must be made by google, not by appsheet

This may be a bit different than the initial request, but I figured it was close enough.

How about SMART ASSISTANT that behaves like Google Assistant. I would like my appsheet app to do things like ADD NEW TASK TO TASK LIST or ADD AVOCADOS TO MY SHOPPING LIST with as little effort as possible (obviously by voice command).

Is this possible, please let me know… Thanks!!!