Google Cloud SQL : IP connexions


I am prospecting for a solution to make a simple app from Mysql data. Coming to Appsheet, I’ve searched how to setup the data source from our Mysql database hosted on Google Cloud. In the article i have found, it says to whitelist the IPs listed here : Managing IP Addresses and Firewall Information | AppSheet Help Center.
So, if i am understanding it right, that would means to add each of them as a new Network in the connection page of our Google Console, then, maintain this list (by manually checking it ???) for any future update of it. Am i right about this ? Is it another decent solution making it usable?
If not, for a Google company it is kind of poor integration of the Google Service…

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Yes, currently you need to manage and update the IP addresses in your Google console to allow for Appsheet connections to your database.

Do remember that Appsheet was only purchased by Google approximately a little over a year ago, however I do agree that easier integration with Google Cloud SQL should have been a higher priority. There was talk at some point to allow service accounts through Google console to connect your MySQL database to Appsheet rather than having to maintain IP addresses, but it does not appear this has been integrated.

Maybe someone from the Appsheet team could chime in on this?

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