Google cloud

Hi community.
You know about the new changing, where Google cloud gained appsheet.
Please, Could anyone axplain the difference?
Thank you in advance…

HI Fouad, for now please do not expect much difference. we continue to operate as normal.
As Praveen put it in another thread yesterday: " we will be part of Google. However, our team is moving to Google and the intent is to grow the service, broaden the feature set, and support all our existing customers. There is a strong commitment to continue to support a diverse set of data sources as we do today, and to make the transition as seamless as possible for all of you. On the technology side, the transition should be almost invisible. In terms of sales process, we’ll figure out how to ease into aligning with Google standards. In short Tammi, what doesn’t change is that we will remain focused on supporting you."
Hope that addresses your question.


Thank you Thierry.